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The Site may use a technology called “cookies”. Cookies are small text files containing information that are saved on your computer by the webpage that you are visiting. They are used to help provide additional functionality to the Site and to help us analyze Site usage. There are two kinds of cookies:

Persistent cookie: This kind of cookie is used for "remembering" information such as your username and password and is stored for a specific period of time or on your computer for as long as you decide to not "log out" of this subscription service. If you don't use the function "Don't ask for my username and password in the future" such cookies will never be stored on your computer.

Session cookie: This kind of cookie is used to keep track of, for example, which language you have chosen on the webpage. During the time you visit a site, such cookies are saved temporarily in the memory of your computer. A session cookie is not stored for a long time on your computer and usually disappears when you close your web browser. By using such cookies, GARDENA hopes to better target relevant information to our visitors.

We categorize our cookies by:

  • Strictly necessary: provide basic site functionality, such as remembering the contents of your wish list;
  • Performance: measure the performance of our sites in order to enable technical and design optimization;
  • Targeting: measure the effectiveness of our advertising and to target advertising and promotions;

Below is a list of cookies used on gardena.com:

Cookie Cookie Name Duration Category Purpose
ASP.NET ASP.NET_SessionId Session Functional This cookie is set by our content management system upon arriving at the gardena.com website. It is used to identify a user's ASP.NET session (ASP.NET is a web application framework, originally developed by Microsoft), and is not used by Gardena for any other purpose.
Language cmsgarglobal#lang Session Functional Our content management system uses a cookie to store the context language. The selected language is set as the context language and creates a cookie to store that language so that links to other pages on the website do not need to indicate the language.
Sitecore SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE 10 years Functional This cookie is set by our content management system in order to identify repeated visits from a single user.
Cookie acceptance Husqvarna 1 month Functional This cookie saves a message to let us know that the user has clicked the cookie notice to agree to our use of cookies on the website.
Google Analytics
2 years
1 day
1 minute
Performance These cookies come from Google Analytics that we use to measure and improve the performance of our website. No sensitive or personally identifiable information is being stored. To learn more about how to reject or delete the Google cookies, click here.

Below is a list of third party cookies used on gardena.com:

Cookie Cookie Name Duration Category Purpose
Pinterest _pinterest_cm 1 year Social sharing We use Pinterest to allow visitors to our website to share photos with their followers. For more information about what data Pinterest's cookies contain, click here.
PHP PHPSESSID Temporary Functional This cookie is set by our application on the website my-garden.gardena.com. It is used to identify a user's php session (php is a scripting language used on the web server) and is not used by GARDENA for other purposes.

If you do not wish to accept GARDENA's use of cookies, most browsers allow you to configure your browser to reject cookies by modifying your browser settings. However, this might limit functionality and your benefit of the Site.

This text has been updated last November 27th 2019.